Meg and Elias Commission Example

Meg and Elias

Digital. 2021.

For this project, we were asked to develop a family portrait for Meg, Elias and their animals. The parameters were loose and we were given free reign to portray them in whichever way we saw fit, as long at it was the likeness was recognizable. Elias and Meg are very outdoorsy, rugged type of people who seemed like they would thrive in post apocalyptic landscape, so we we decided to run with a Mad Max vibe. Using their hometown of Seattle as a backdrop, we transformed them into barbarian bikers of the future, who, along with their motley crew of furry children, ride the endless roads of the wasteland. Elias’ last name is “Savage” and worked well with the theme of the piece, so we incorporated that, along with the year into the design. Coming from a comic book background, we love to mix bold, graphic text into our pieces to help them achieve a distinctive look and feel.

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