Chickaloonies: Watering Ways – GN


Produced by Dimi Macheras and Casey Silver

In a time of perpetual darkness, two Alaska Native kids go on a quest to become the greatest storytellers the world has ever seen! Using the teachings of their grandmother, the language of their tribe, and their imaginations, Mister Yelly and Sasquatch E. Moji will journey to foreign lands to learn from other cultures, share the knowledge of their own and maybe even save the village!

The story continues…

In the quiet town of Palmer, something sinister has taken hold. An infestation of mysterious winged creatures have the villagers afraid for their lives. In the midst of this crisis, Moji and Yelly search for clues to the whereabouts of their missing cousin, Vally—but soon find themselves on the front lines of a desperate struggle for survival!

What is the hidden secret that lies at the heart of Palmer and what does it have to do with Sasquatch E. Moji and Mister Yelly? Find out as the best selling, all ages, Alaskan tribal adventure continues in—CHICKALOONIES: WATERING WAYS!!

Rated A (All Ages)

-268 pages
-7.125 x 9.125 Trim size
-Full Color
-Offset Printing

Same size, format, high end paper and printing method as Chickaloonies: First Frost

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